Our Process

When it comes to our client's projects we like to go through a very important 4 step process to ensure the final product is always what, or better than what, our client envisioned.

At Cotta Red we believe that creative work should not only be beautiful, but also functional. With that in mind, let us briefly explain our process.

Step 1. Prep
You cannot grow a tree without planting a seed first. We believe in getting the ground work done before hopping on the creative plane. We believe in preparation. This includes preliminary discussions, research and LOTS of key notes.  This phase gives us all the information we will need to create the concept for a project.
Step 2. Create
This is the core of our service offering. Starting from sketching and drafting to building our way to final designs, we ensure that our clients are kept in the loop all the way.
Step 3. Execute
No matter the scope of services needed, Cotta Red ensures that we are present through this stage. We make sure the concept and designs are executed properly. Presentation is key in any business, and Cotta Red thrives on immaculate presentation.
Step 4. Evaluate
How the project thrives after completion is just as important as the project itself. We make it our business to follow up and review each project we work on. Modularity within our works and creative solutions are very important to us. We understand the constant change in business goals and visions and we make sure our work is able to grow with them.